Kim Vogan


I know what it's like to run thin and take care of everyone else before taking care of your own health and sanity.  

Between squirrel moments, multiple hats, kids in the house.....

What if you had help? 

I've been there and I see you, mom!


My name is Kim and I’m married to Don.  I have 3 children, Tyler (19), Evelyn (7), and Denny (5).  I'm a Navy brat, Navy Vet, and now an Army mom.   I have serious squirrel issues and “out of sight out of mind” is something I struggle with.  Our home is generally a bit messy and any structure or schedule to our daily life is definitely wanting.

In 2015 Evelyn was 2 and she refused to go to bed at night to the point of driving hubs and I crazy, not to mention she was waking her then 6 month old brother.  We had tried everything we could think of.....taking away naps, waking up earlier, lights on, lights off, door open, door shut.   Hubs and I were exhausted and unfortunately started to take it out on others. 

We finally broke down and reached out via Facebook looking for options and that was when we were introduced to Kristen, a homeschooling mom of 4 boys (now 5).  Having also dealt with a house full of crazy, she felt our pain and offered to mail us something to try that she’d used for her kiddos.   Night 1 - what normally took more than 2 hours took only about an hour.  Night 2 - we were down to about half hour.....same thing night 3, night 4.   HOOKED!!    

Over the past 5 years we’ve been using these products more and more for so many different areas of our lives and we are everyday learning more.  With ADHD, ODD, anxiety, and depression in our home, we’ve been better able to deal with emotional outbursts, to calm our overactive minds and to bring ourselves back to the now when getting overwhelmed.  We’ve started being more proactive with our health instead of always being reactive and have been removing nasty toxins throughout our home, think cleaners and personal care products).


These products and the friends we’ve made over the last few years have made such an impact on our lives in so many ways and I know they can make a difference in your life too.

I'm learning each and everyday and can't wait to share with you as well!

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