I see you, and I've been there

What can I tell you about myself.  I’ve been married twice and I have 3 children, 19, 7 & 5.  My oldest is from my first marriage.   I’ve dealt with ADHD squirrel issues and depression since grade school and my first marriage was physically and emotionally abusive.  Needless to say, I’ve dealt with a lot of self confidence and self esteem issues over the years.  

Things started to shift about 5 years ago.  My husband and I were stressing over our daughter, then 2, not going to sleep at night, no matter what we tried.  I reached out online and was introduced to Kristen, a homeschooling mom of 5 boys (only had 4 then).  Having also dealt with a house full of crazy, she felt our pain and offered us a solution.  Night 1 - what normally took more than 2 hours only took about 1.  Night 2 - down do about 30-45 minutes.  Same thing nights 3 and 4 ...we were hooked.

2 important things happened that week; the start of some amazing friendships and the start of a new way of taking care of my family.. 

The friendships I have gained the last 5 years have made such an incredible impact.  I have had a shoulder to cry on, an ear to vent to, and the support, prayers, and encouragement of amazing women.  They have helped me to find my confidence and to have faith in myself again.

How I started caring for my family also changed.  We started removing some of the toxic chemicals from our home and supporting our health naturally.  We started sleeping better and dropped to mainly to our scheduled well-baby visits.

Now, 5 years later, we are seeing even more benefits from a changed way of life.  Not only are we staying healthy but we are taking better care of ourselves mentally.  I’m able to counter those overwhelming moments that come with squirrel issues.  I hold on to those last few frayed nerves a little longer when kids have been stomping all over them.  It’s easier to deal with the emotions of my past and to deal with them in positive ways.

This new way of living and the friends I’ve met over the last 5 years have made such an amazing impact on our lives and I know that you can experience the same impacts.  

I’m learning more each and everyday and can’t wait to to join you on your journey.  And friend, you are NOT alone.

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Too Tired To Mom

Do you wear glasses??

Do you wear glasses??

I've done the medicated route - I've done the unmedicated route.

For me - I just need glasses.

Trust me, I know that meds don't solve all my problems but that's where friendships, coping skills, and my oils come in to play.

I use my oils for natural health and to compliment my meds.....

...when I need a little extra help focusing.
...when I'm starting to feel overwhelmed and need a little help to calm down and center myself again.
...when I'm being hard on myself for what I see as screw-ups and just need to forgive myself and keep going.

As The ADHD Mama says this video, if you need glasses you need glasses. You may need a little help or you may be like me and your hand goes fuzzy 6 inches in front of your face.

Trust me....you don't want me driving around without my glasses/contacts......just trouble waiting to happen.

Any of this sound familiar?

If you aren't sure what options could help you out, reach out!

I'd love to chat with you!

And if this really resonates with you, check out this guide to Finding Yourself Again and also come find support in our FB Community Too Tired To Mom.

Hormonal Squirrels - What's the Connection?

Hormonal Squirrels - What's the Connection?
Ha ha - here we go again with squirrels.....well...there's a reason.

Did you know that there is a HUGE correlation between issues with your endocrine system (hormone factory of the body) and the disruption of brain development that can sometimes lead to ADHD (squirrel issues)?

Our endocrine system is a collection of glands that produce hormones that regulate metabolism, growth and development, tissue function, reproduction, sleep, and mood.   This body system is SO incredibly sensitive it can be altered by a change no bigger than one tenth of a trillion of a gram?   I'd say that's pretty touchy.

Did you know there's was a 43% increase in reported cases of ADHD between 2003 and 2011?  Or that cases of Autism have risen 119% since 2000?  But what does that have to do with our hormones?   Endocrine disruptors are synthetic chemicals hidden in products we interact with DAILY.  When's the last time you REALLY looked at the ingredient list on something?

  • cosmetics
  • toothpaste
  • detergents
  • medicines
  • pesticides
In small doses this may not do much.....but when you brush your teeth twice daily?  Wash you and your family's clothes weekly, when you put your make up on every morning?    How old are you?  20 something? 30 something?   So that means, if my parents started brushing my teeth at the age of one, and I've only ever brushed my teeth once a day, by the time I turn 40 I have exposed myself to the endocrine disrupting chemicals in toothpaste 14,235 times!!    1 grain of salt may not do much but if you put a cup of salt in a recipe, it will definitely throw things off.

My challenge to you, should you choose to accept it, next time you grab your toothpaste to brush your teeth....take a look at the list of ingredients and google a couple of them.

If you found this helpful, check out this guide for more ways to Find Yourself Again and also come find support in our FB Community Too Tired To Mom.
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