What are you listening to?

What are you listening to?
I've heard it.

You've heard it.

You're going thru your day, things are going great!  You're being productive and looking at doing some new things.

Then you hear it: 

"you don't deserve this"
"your not good enough"
"I've already failed so many times before"

What does that voice whisper to you?  

Mine, "Keep quiet, no one really wants to hear what you have to say anyway"   

This comes from years of mental abuse in a past relationship.  Anytime I wanted to talk about something deeper that hi, hello, how are ya, he'd end up cutting me off or he'd immediately go on the defensive and turn everything around and into a fight.  So what did I learn to do?  Keep my mouth shut, he didn't want or care to hear what I had to say.

How is that hurting me now?  

I don't always stand up for myself.  I hold back on talking to someone when I know they just need a kind word.  I don't live up to my potential because I don't open my mouth and share the knowledge that I have.  And because I don't speak up, others don't ask my for opinion or feedback or thoughts......ingraining deeper that no one wants to hear what I have to say.

Are you living out the lies your voice whispers? 

"I've already failed so many times before" - So why not just give up and fail again which is only going to strengthen that lie?

"I'm not good enough" - So why try harder, why give it my best, I'm not good enough anyway.

Acknowledge it, name it, but don't believe in it.  

Learn from it and grow from it.

I've heard the line in several movies...."the best way to avoid a trap is to know its there."  

If you can figure out what that voice is saying to you, whether it has one line repeated over and over or if its several things, you can then confront that belief that is limiting your true potential.

Change the people you are hanging with; change the music you're listening to; change the way you think.

I know, easier said than done.  Trust me I know, been working on this for years.  The more ingrained those negative thoughts are the longer it can take to get away from them, but it is possible.

If this resonated with you, check out this guide for more ways to Find Yourself Again and also come find support in our FB Community Too Tired To Mom.

Happy New Year! Time for Clean Slate

Happy New Year!  Time for Clean Slate

What are you doing on the first day of the new year? Trying to figure out new year resolutions?  Has that worked for you in the past?

I’ve tried some type of resolution every year and every year, within the first couple months, its right out the window.  But what if we focused more on creating a clean slate for the new year…..maybe set ourselves up for success in the new year. 

Here are the 5 ways to get started with a clean slate this year:

  1. Avoid Comparisons:  You are a good mom!  No matter what ANYONE says, you are a good mom.  There isn’t anyone else like you and you are exactly who your children need.  Social media and TV show snapshots of our best moments but you don’t see the moments before or after them. Every mom is on their own journey and so are you.  Do NOT compare yourself to any other mom.

  1. Forget the “coulda - woulda - shoulda”: Stop guilting yourself for things you wish you would have done or for how you wish you would have acted.  There is no such thing as the perfect mom, we all have our faults.  Forgive yourself; you can’t change the past but you can make the best of things to come.  

  1. Set boundaries for you and your family:  Are you stretching yourself too thin?   Are you trying to take on too much?   Are there people in you family’s life that are causing more harm than good? If you want a family night in, don't feel guilty telling a friend "no thanks" to getting together that night.  Give yourself permission to say NO and to make your family and yourself a priority.  

  1. Self-care is important: As a mom, we never really get a day off and when mom gets sick it seems like the whole house falls apart…..so take care of yourself!!  Remember those boundaries, set them with your family if you need to.  Maybe it’s one night a week where you get an hour of alone time to soak in a hot bath or 30 minutes each morning for writing in your journal or for prayer time.  Make sure you are getting enough sleep each night.  To make this a little easier, make sure the husband and the kids are on board.

  1. An attitude of Gratitude:  Did you know that you can actually trick your brain into being more positive?  Practice an attitude of gratitude and speak positivity and abundance into your life each and every day. It’s easy to compare yourself or think less of yourself when you focus on what you don’t have.  But if you daily give thanks for what you already have, you’ll always have enough!  Everyday take the time to write down 3 things you are grateful for....no matter how small.

These are just a few ways to create a clean slate.  How are you kicking off the New Year?  I love hearing all the ways moms get and stay positive!

If any of this resonates even a little bit for you, you’ll LOVE my guide to surviving being too tired to mom.  Check it out here!   And come find support in our FB Community Too Tired To Mom.