Do you wear glasses??

I've done the medicated route - I've done the unmedicated route.

For me - I just need glasses.

Trust me, I know that meds don't solve all my problems but that's where friendships, coping skills, and my oils come in to play.

I use my oils for natural health and to compliment my meds.....

...when I need a little extra help focusing.
...when I'm starting to feel overwhelmed and need a little help to calm down and center myself again.
...when I'm being hard on myself for what I see as screw-ups and just need to forgive myself and keep going.

As The ADHD Mama says this video, if you need glasses you need glasses. You may need a little help or you may be like me and your hand goes fuzzy 6 inches in front of your face.

Trust don't want me driving around without my glasses/contacts......just trouble waiting to happen.

Any of this sound familiar?

If you aren't sure what options could help you out, reach out!

I'd love to chat with you!

And if this really resonates with you, check out this guide to Finding Yourself Again and also come find support in our FB Community Too Tired To Mom.


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