Hi, my name is Kim and I'm a Squirrely Mom.

I've dealt with squirrel moments for as far back as I can remember.   

  • Its walking into a room and as soon as my foot crosses the threshold I can NOT remember what on earth I was going for.  
  • Its having a conversation with someone, and no matter how hard I try to focus on what the other person is saying, I think of a comeback for the conversation 2 days ago, resign the same one line of a song 15 times and who knows what else, only to come back to the current conversation and not have a clue what's going on.
  • It's setting down to work on a project and I will hyper-focus so bad that I'm good if the kids sleep in past 10 and eat pop-tarts for lunch cause that's what THEY can reach in the pantry.
  • It's sitting and work with a laundry list of tasks that need done and I get caught up in a couple tiny details on one task and they consume me...OR....I focus completely on the tasks at hand and just knock em out one right after the other.  Problem is I really don't know which way I'll be till I sit at my desk each morning.
In short, I was diagnosed with ADHD back in grade school and its something that I work WITH every single day.

If any of this issues sound like I'm reading your brain, here's a video with some great explanations.

If this hits home with you, even a little, check out this guide to Finding Yourself Again! and also come find support in our FB Community Too Tired To Mom.


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