Kim Vogan


I know what it's like to run thin and take care of everyone else before taking care of your own health and sanity.  

What if you had help? 

Personal support and community support?  

What if you had a survival guide that would help you take care of you AND your family's health, in a natural way? 

I've been there and I see you, mom!


Learning how to be a stay at home mom, keep to a smaller budget, and keep my family healthy was hard enough. Struggling to get our daughter to wind down at night was seriously adding to the stress levels in an unhealthy way. Think lack of sleep and shortened tempers combined with small quarters and living in a town where I knew no one.

One day I reach out online in desperation and was introduced to a product that I’d never really thought about. I was so used to going to the local store for quick fix items that I didn’t even know this healthier option even existed.

We were hitting dead ends with everything we’d tried in the past so….why not.  It was time to think outside the box and try something new

Now, life is so different!  I used to think that I had to reply on what the professionals did and suggested, on what the mainstream was pushing.  

Now, I’m encouraged!  Now I’m on a mission to ensure that stressed and tired moms know that they can take care of their family in a proactive, natural and healthy way.  My heart is to share the resources and knowledge I’ve gained and to empower moms everywhere with the knowledge and resources I’ve worked hard to get myself.

Come join a group of fearless, amazing and supportive moms and learn how to take back your family’s health and sanity with the knowledge and information we share in this exclusive community.

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